Friday, March 30, 2007

Upper Park Avenue is SO GAY

I'm a big fan of "upper park avenue" (ie: Town Pump and Centaur). I've been going to the Town Pump since they opened and ditto Centaur. The bars always attract an interesting crowd, but I have to say the most fascinating thing about them is how many gay straight guys are there!

75% of the time when I go, I end up in some deep conversation about gayness with some allegedly straight guy. Last time, the guy ends up telling me about his Asian girlfriend, and after getting mad at me for saying that Asian girlfriends are the gateway to Gayville, he told me how he made out with Perez Hilton when he was in LA. Weird. And kind of gross.

Tonight? I met a guy who was asking me all sorts of really prying sexual questions. Which of course I answered but I mean hello, are we dating?

So how did I meet him, you may ask, and why do I think he is gay straight?

He did a
Bend and Snap!!!! A fucking Bend and Snap right there in Centaur! I asked if he knew what he just did, and he totally knew! A 41-year old straight guy!

I told him to manscape that chest and give me a call.

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