Monday, April 2, 2007

Gay Hell

This was an avoid-at-all-costs weekend in downtown Detroit.

Wrestlemania 23 brought down (or up?) the trashiest of the white trash to Ford Field all weekend long and assaulted everyone with pure, undiluted ugly. Like, skinny pale bird-chested guys walking around with their shirt off in 50 degree weather. And idiots wrestling with each other on the street, drawing blood, before heading into whatever wrestling festivities were going on.

Proving that no one ever went broke underestimating the public, Wrestlemania was the highest-grossing event ever held at Ford Field.

It's actually an extended gay hell weekend, because today is Opening Day for the Tigers. While somewhat less offensive than the heapin' helpin' of heinous served up downtown over the weekend, it's still Detroit in full sporto mode, which isn't really that much better. Last time I braved the Tiger pre-game crowds I got "Nice man-bag. Faggot."

Detroit had better serve up some pretty reaaaal soon. I'm getting a little irritated.


davidhall said...

Looks like the Girl behind the Hulk is giving herself a nice little vag-scratch.


Ya Mar said...

YOu have to admit, it was a nice man-bag...

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