Friday, April 13, 2007

Here is some snide condescension toward suburbanites

So I am sitting at the bar drinking at Atlas Global Bistro yesterday morning, um, afternoon, er EVENING and I heard the most annoying thing ever. This week.

The Atlas kitchen was asked to cater a "move in" party for a suburbanite moving into a new loft development downtown which will remain nameless. Smart move - Atlas has amazing food. Everyone will be impressed. Unless ...

You contact Atlas to cater your party and you want a "Detroit" themed menu. Coney dogs. Better Made potato chips. Faygo pop. Stroh's beer. Sure.

If you are moving into a hot new loft with "55" in the address. If you are moving downtown because it is a cool place to live. If you are using Atlas to do your catering. If you are having a party to show this all off. If, if, if ...

Why you gotta be so typical? Where is the sophistication, the imagination, the creativity of this so-called "creative class" that is moving downtown? Please, keep that played out lowbrow shit in the 'burbs.

"Check it out! We're in Detroit! And we've got all these made-in-Detroit foods, isn't that AWESOME!!! High-five!"

It made me irrationally angry. Obviously.

I bet they played Motown music too.


ed said...

I usually use Costco for all of my catering needs.

Sport Curious said...

Yeah, what kind of douchebag needs to hire a caterer to buy Better Made chips? New Era maybe, but the Better Mades are found in any Farmer Jack.

Stroh's may be a little harder to find, though.

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