Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Uncle" Max indeed

I finally solved an ancient mystery. Have you ever watched The Sound of Music and wondered what the hell was the deal with Max Detweiler, musical impresario, confidant to The Baroness, bon vivant? Like, why was he there, other than to move the plot along, provide a little comic relief and buy those kids a marionette show? In the context of the movie, who exactly was he?

WELL, I was watching the show with my parents on Easter Sunday (apparently it was on heavy rotation this weekend) and upon hearing the following dialogue between Max and The Baroness, it all became clear. Max is the The Baroness' gay friend!

Max: Well?
The Baroness: Well what?
Max: Have you made up his mind? Do I hear wedding bells?
The Baroness: Pealing madly.
Max: Marvelous.
The Baroness: Not necessarily for me.
Max: What kind of talk's that?
The Baroness: None-of-your-business talk. I'm terribly fond of him, so don't toy with us.
Max: But I'm a child. I like toys. So tell me everything. Come on. Tell me every teensy-weensy, intimate, disgusting detail.
The Baroness: Well, let's just say I have a feeling I may be here on approval.
Max: I approve of that. How can you miss?
The Baroness: Far too easily.
Max: If I know you, darling, and I do, you will find a way.
The Baroness: He's no ordinary man.
Max: No, he's rich.
The Baroness: His wife's death gave him a great heartache.
Max: And your husband's death gave you a great fortune.
The Baroness: Oh, Max, you really are a beast.
Max: You and Georg are like family. That's why I want to see you married. We must keep all that lovely money in the family.

What straight man has a conversation like that with a Baroness??

After this exchange I made my observation to my parents, and my dad was basically like "Duh."

"I like rich people, the way they live and how I live when I'm with them."


Dan Renzi said...

There is also a line, during the party in the Von Trapp mansion, after the kids sing "So Long, Farewell," and the Captain invites Maria to stay at the party. And "Uncle Max" insists Maria be his date--and turns to the Baroness and says "...this is business." When he says "business" there are lots of "s" sounds in there.

Anonymous said...

Oh. . . that's a hoot. . . that is clearly a sign, that any guy who has an ssssss sound in his speech is sexually attracted to other guys. . . a definite give away!

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