Monday, April 23, 2007

Reunion Ghettoway Weekend!

OK! Now that I got all that bitter judginess of my chest, I feel a lot better!

As I said, this weekend involved a brilliant group of people who someday are going to be so rich and famous that I will be able to be their estate caretaker and live comfortably. You know, if you're gay you don't automatically get kids to care for you in your dotage, so latch onto those rising stars!

Anyway, we don't need a full play-by-play, but there are a few highlights to share.

  • It looks like someone may have actually broken the /aut/ bar monopoly on gay bars in Ann Arbor. The Metro Cafe is just across the street, in the old Sweet Lorraine's space in Kerrytown, and it is gay-owned and ready and willing to serve you an adult beverage. We don't want to hate the /aut/ bar, but if you are going to open a bar and then (a) never change the decor over 12 years, (b) create the smokiest atmosphere in all of Ann Arbor, and (c) never respond to customer requests or complaints, then you deserve to have the rug pulled out from under you.

  • You have not been to a gay barbeque until someone colors the neighbor's hair right in the back yard.

  • Costco is now bottling a premium vodka under their Kirkland label. It's made in France and the debate is whether or not it is secretly Grey Goose. The internet reveals mixed info. It will get you drunk and leave you hangover-free (probably).

  • The Ritz-Carlton in Dearborn is actually nice. I have always pretty much hated it, because my sense is that a Ritz-Carlton should be in the middle of somewhere. Despite the fact that it is architecturally insignificant and located next to a mall, the service is great, the beds are soooo comfortable and the food is outstanding. And the decor? Well, not my bag, but clearly attention has been paid to detail. It's like staying with your really really rich grandma. And that's a good thing.

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