Thursday, April 12, 2007

Detroit Fringe Festival

If you're like me, you saw those three words and a nightmare convergence of suburban Design on a Dime devotees came immediately to mind ... possibly one of the only things that could be more annoying than the crowds from Wrestlemania or the Farah Khan concert.

Fortunately, instead of glue-gun-totin', tassle-wranglin', MDF-furniture-makin' DIY hausfraus on the prowl, we are getting our very own
Fringe Festival (you know, like, edgy) at the Music Hall. Presumably based on NYC's two-week Fringe Festival, it is a 30-hour arts extravaganza put together by a number of arts-related people and groups, and if you want any more info on the who and what then click on the link.

On what planet is this supposed to appeal to gay people? Nice job.

I bring it up here because the Music Hall has a very good recent history of bringing on the gay-relevant entertainment, most notably the Liza concert last year (and the even gayer but moderately-attended Liza look-alike contest/Cabaret screening that preceded it), and my araƱa sense is tingling about this event. So if you are looking for an event where you should expect a larger-than-average gay turnout downtown (ie: more than 5), I think you should check this out.

First of all, it's an arts thing, and while the gays in Detroit are a much much much much much much much smaller part of the arts world than you would expect, they do still tend to venture out to those sorts of things.

Causing A Scene Productions is performing throughout the event, and they will bring on the full gender confusion and androgyny in their very cool performances. Like a man ballerina en pointe. Hot.

Thirdly, there are a couple of performances that look to be pretty cool, some C-Pop art shows, DJ's for like 30 hours straight, Jazzercise, and you can come and go as you please, all for $32 (plus, presumably, the cost of booze).

If you've been paying attention then you know that the new director of the Music Hall is doing a pretty great job of hipping up that venue. So arty and hipster gays, don't be a follower, be a leader, and take advantage of something cool and different in Detroit. So we can have more.

Do it.

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