Thursday, June 12, 2008

Giving Props

Between the Lines, SE Michigan's GLBT weekly, has a story in this week's issue about the Detroit Guerrilla Queer Bar! A cover story no less. This is great and long-overdue recognition of one of the few really interesting grassroots things going on in our gay community today. Well, in my opinion.

When it comes to Between the Lines, I'm a fan. I do think they have a tendency to underreport gay goings-on in the City of Detroit, and sometimes the quality of the journalism can be inconsistent (I get the sense the writing staff skews young). But they are great about being a political voice for the GLBT community, and it's also an excellent place to find out about local cultural events.

Poster children.

The Guerrillas article is a little silly but nice, and it's great that the point about featuring Detroit venues is made (although of course they mention the stupid Guerrilla field trip to the Emery in Ferndale. Cuz it's all about Ferndale. But why quibble?)

Let's hope this is the beginning of a trend, and BTL continues to look south of 8 Mile Road for some of the other compelling gay stories in the big city.

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