Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Music Makes the Gay People Come Together

I was pretty happy to see that the True Colors tour, the multi-act tour and benefit for the Human Rights Campaign that was apparently so much fun last year, was touring again this year, and the Detroit area rated a stop this year! Woo hoo! I think it's like the Cher "Never Can Say Good-Bye" tour - each year the venues lose a little cachet until you're playing dinner theater in Branson. So I guess ... good for us that we made the second year, right?

Well Detroit's no gay mecca, that's established, but tomorrow night DTE Music Theater (or Pine Knob, if you are olde school like myself) is the mecca for gays, and you - like me - can go see this year's True Colors tour!

The show is headlined by Cyndi Lauper (joy) and the B-52's (bliss), and some great new bands including
Tegan & Sara, The Cliks and The White Tie Affair. It's not the giant super-slate of performers you see on the website because apparently it is a rotating cast, but if you have never seen Cyndi Lauper perform then you are in for a real treat. And hey, Rosie and Carson will be there!

Cyndi fights for your right and looks fabulous.

The weather is going to be beautiful tomorrow evening, and who doesn't love a lovely outdoor show at Pine Knob? Oh Pine Knob, the memories ... did I ever tell you about the first boy who ever hit on me? I was 17, the Eurythmics were performing "There Must Be an Angel Playing with My Heart," a boy asked me if I wanted to go to Backstage after the concert. "You have backstage passes??" ... "No, it's a gay bar in Detroit" ... I hem and haw and run away. An awkward beginning to an auspicious life as an award-winning professional homosexual!

The show starts tomorrow at 6pm and tickets are still available - $17 for a big gay lawn party, can you beat that?! Grab a gay and go!

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Devona said...

There are some great
Branson shows to see! Did you get to watch any of them?

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