Friday, June 6, 2008

My Prayer for Detroit

Via Darren in NYC.


Darren said...

sweet jesus.

Nora said...

Hi Supergay! My partner and I are moving from the greater Bay Area to Detroit in a couple of months (she just got a position teaching at Wayne State), so you can add a couple new lesbians to the ranks!

I've been going through your archives looking for info on neighborhoods (and by the way, sincere thanks for this very important public service you are providing). Doesn't look like there are any particularly dykey areas, but my sweetie is going out there in a couple of weeks to apartment-hunt, and the more important factor to me is at least SOME degree of walkability. (SF is my City of Reference, and I know I'm in for a shock...but I am from Michigan, so other shocks--e.g. weather--shouldn't be too bad for me, unlike for my westerner gal). By the way, we plan to rent and then later hopefully buy, and we want to be in the city proper.

I know you are very busy making Detroit fabulous, but if you are moved to dispense it, any additional, super-extra-special advice is much appreciated.

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