Friday, June 20, 2008

Readers Have Questions

Occasionally I will receive email from readers with questions, which I answer to the best of my ability. But there are times when even I, Supergay, don't have the answer. Such is the case with two recent queries.

The first is a serious question regarding real estate in this sub-ideal market:

An elderly gay friend of mine has had to move from Grosse Pointe to another state where he has friends who could assist him. He would like to find places to advertise his home for sale that would attract gays or lesbians. Do you have any suggestions as to where he might target this group?
I didn't have an easy answer, but I told this reader I'd ask around. I'd love to help this home in a great Grosse Pointe location find a suitable gay or lesbian owner! It's not far from the lake, Grosse Pointe South High School (look but don't touch, fellas), lovely GP shopping districts and the great Hawkins Ferry-commissioned, Marcel Breuer-designed Grosse Pointe Public Library.

The next letter is perhaps a little more ... well, just more.

I took the blight tour, parts one and two. I assume that is your work. I'm not too familiar with blogs. I got here by accident. I tried to log onto but couldn't. I was taken, instead, to I don't know how that happened. I don't "get" computers. Are you, for example, the guy I heard on Detroit Today?

My question for you (or anyone who might know) is as follows: Is there a gay bar in Detroit like the Ki-ki-ki Lounge in Tampa? The Ki-ki-ki has as half of its clientele young and muscular men who are slightly addicted to various substances.

They play pool and wait for older, heavier men (like me) to invite them out for short sexual exchanges for small amounts of cash. These guys tend to behave during such "exchanges" because they are known and approved by the on-duty bartender. They want to stay around and remain on the good side of the bartender so they don't rob their older admirers.

I have been there several times on vacation and enjoyed each experience. Does Detroit have a similar hustler bar where the bartender keeps tabs on the studs so the admirers don't come to any harm???

It may come as a great shock and surprise, but I had no idea what to tell this fellow!

If anyone has any suggestions for either of our readers, please leave a comment or email me at Thanks!

[Edit: It was suggested to me by a reader that I clarify something - the second letter was actually posted to show you the kind of crazy that occasionally ends up in my inbox. I don't really want to get suggestions on hustler bars to pass along to anyone.]

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