Thursday, June 12, 2008

I see your True Colors

Can I say ... the True Colors tour was absolutely an amazing time! What started out as a chance to enjoy a lovely outdoor concert and see some favorite performers turned into a life-affirming great evening.

DTE Music Energy Theater or whatever it's called was pretty full for a Wednesday night show.

The place was overflowing with lesbians. Now if you're like me, lesbians really bring joy to your heart. They are so mysterious and hidden and really kind of above it all, it can be like viewing a superior race. Gay men can be desperate for approval!

I'm generalizing, of course. But there is a reason that in the Hierarchy of Cool it's the cool lesbians who rate highest. Tied for second below them are cool gay men and cool straight women, and poor cool straight men come in third. (Sorry guys.) It's that "I'm not buying into the game" thing that really sets lesbians apart. To wit: Patricia Field, Marlene Dietrich and Jodie Foster. And locally, who is cooler in the Detroit gay world than
Jackie Victor and Ann Perrault of Avalon International Breads? Need I say more?

[Note: if it's any consolation, when it comes to Not Cool things are the opposite. Not Cool straight guys are cooler than Not Cool Gay Men/Straight Women who are cooler than Not Cool Lesbians. God divides.]

Anyway, there was like a 60/40 female/male split at the place, plenty of cool and uncool of all persuasions with plenty of straight people mixed in. The weather was great.

The opening bands were really good! OK, well, we didn't get there right at 6pm so we missed the first two. But we caught
Tegan and Sara, a band led by sisters (one cool straight and one cool lesbian) who were so fantastic, you absolutely must check out their music. And I can't speak for the entire Cliks performance, but during Cyndi's performance trans lead singer Lucas came out and sang "Time After Time" and "Money Changes Everything" and his voice was AMAZING.

Do I need to review the whole rest of the show? I mean, it was the B-52's, who played some of their great classics, standing there like Party Superheros during their blow-out performance of "Rock Lobster." And Cyndi. She was belting it out while crawling over the crowd and she couldn't have been more fantastic. And she sang "When You Were Mine," my fave Cyndi song ever.

Rosie O'Donnell did some stand up and reminded us just why she is so endearing and so relevant. And Carson Kressley was fantastic as emcee.

There are many reviews online about the tour, they are worth a read (and will save me the full re-cap). This one summed things up nicely, although it featured a slightly different lineup. If you have a chance to check the tour out, by all means do. And if you can check out the younger bands that toured, you won't be sorry. Queer music in the 21st century seems to be in great shape.

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erin said...

tegan and sara are both lesbians :)
the cliks are great their album snakehouse is pretty much amazing.

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